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12-10-04, 16:50
Millions face pensions misery
Report to detail stark choices over estimated 57bn shortfall

Larry Elliott and Sarah Hall
Monday October 11, 2004
The Guardian

Millions of people in Britain face an impoverished old age unless urgent steps are taken to cope with a reported 57bn gap in pension provision caused by longer lives, earlier retirement and inadequate saving, a government report will warn tomorrow.

The long-awaited findings of the commission headed by Adair Turner, former director-general of the CBI, will outline in stark terms that individuals have only four choices - work longer, save more, pay more in taxes or accept lower living standards when they retire.

Details of the first stage in a two-part study will quantify the number of people who on current trends are failing to contribute enough to guarantee themselves an old age free from financial difficulties. This will be far higher than previous estimates and government sources did not deny weekend reports of a 57bn shortfall.

Britain's so-called pension "time bomb" will be documented in the first chapter of the report. It will detail how many more years Britons would need to work or how much extra they would need to save - voluntarily or through taxation - to make good the shortfall.

It is understood, however, that the numbers involved from pulling just one policy lever are so "scary" that the government is already preparing for a "mix-and-match" strategy when Mr Turner delivers his final recommendations in a year's time.

En dit is dus nog maar een schatting.

Nederlandse pensioenfondsen zullen het ook moeilijk gaan krijgen, dit omdat ze teveel hebben geinvesteerd in de VS en teveel in bedrijven die weer hebben geinvesteerd in de VS. Het ABP zou een structurele verandering moeten doorvoeren, waarbij investeringen worden weggehaald uit dollar belangen en worden herinvesteerd in Nederland/Europa en dan voornamelijk op het gebied van energievoorziening.