Bekijk Volledige Versie : 5 Israeli soldiers killed and 11 injured in onging confrontations in South

08-08-06, 22:17
5 Israeli soldiers killed and 11 injured in onging confrontations in South; Hezbollah fighters repel infiltrating unit and capture weapons and equipment

Heroic confrontations led by Islamic Resistance fighters continued against Israeli occupation forces along the southern Lebanese border with occupied Palestine. The death toll of Israeli elite troops is still on the rise. Tuesday's number of Israeli soldiers killed by resistance fighters reached five after the Israeli army admitted two of his soldiers were killed in fierce battles near the town of Dibel. 11 others were injured, four gravely. An Israeli military spokesman said than an infantry unit was accompanying an engineering armored vehicle when it was hit by an anti-tank rocket and that five soldiers were injured. Other Israeli soldiers were injured, according to Israeli sources, in fierce battles in the towns of Aytroun and Taybeh. Israeli media said that one Israeli soldier was severely injured in a battle near Bint Jbeil. The Israeli army also admitted that one soldier was killed in fierce battles in a border region it did not define. Israeli media also said that another soldier died of his wounds in the Zev hospital in Safed. The Israeli radio had earlier announced that two soldiers were killed in clashes with resistance fighters adding that they were killed Monday. According to Israeli sources, many soldiers were injured when resistance fighters clashed with them as they sought to infiltrate Tuesday at dawn, into the Labouna town in the western Bekaa region. The Islamic resistance said in a statement that after the dawn battle, an Israeli elite unit tried to advance toward the Labouna hill east of the Ras el-Naqura region, and Islamic Resistance fighters repelled it, inflicting heavy losses among soldiers and equipment. Hezbollah fighters captured weapons and equipments left behind by the fleeing soldiers. Marking the birth anniversary of Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb peace be upon him, Islamic Resistance fighters launched a coordinated attack at 3:00am against the "Jall el-Alam" military post, east of Ras el-Naqura in the western sector, one of the major posts in this sector. Heavy gunfights took place with different weapons and the Islamic Resistance confirmed its fighters killed and injured a large number of soldiers.