Bekijk Volledige Versie : Propagandawerking 1

01-09-06, 05:51
Prachtige en zeer leerzame documentaire van de Media Education Foundation. Duurt 80 minuten en geen minuut te lang. Voor iedereen die meer inzicht wil in de werking van propaganda.
Titel: Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land.
Warm aanbevolen door de duurste communicatie-consultant van Maastricht en omgeving. :ergleuk:
Compulsory matter with Manufacturing Consent, Chomsky and The Reality of the Mass Media, Luhmann.
Research Methods Seminars are held in the summer term and cover a range of topics designed to help students complete their dissertations. :moeilijk: :stout:

".....Through the voices of scholars, media critics and Middle East experts, Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land carefully analyzes and explains how--through the use of language, framing and context--the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza remains hidden in the news media, and Israeli colonization of the occupied terrorities appears to be a defensive move rather than an offensive one.

The documentary also explores the ways that U.S. journalists, for reasons ranging from intimidation to a lack of thorough investigation, have become complicit in carrying out Israel's PR campaign.

At its core, the documentary raises questions about the ethics and
role of journalism, and the relationship between media and politics...."


01-09-06, 10:38
dit topic verdient toch echt meer aandacht.