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19-07-02, 17:36
Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim
Salaam ou alaikoem

Dear Muslims:

As Believers are gathering and making preparations to leave the lands of kufr, the kuffar are busy passing more homosexual freedom laws, including one to make it permissible for two men to freely have intercourse in a public toilet area, astaghfir'llah! The Believers are showing that they are alive and aware, ready to face yet another major challenge in the history of Islam. This challenge is Hijrah!

However, there are forces posing as Muslims who are busy keeping false information and falsehood brewing, then passing it off to innocent students in Islam who are full of zeal to be involved in Islamic revolution. These forces are the brothers of Shaitan, and they are hard at work falsely accusing our Muslim brothers in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan of not ruling with Shari'ah.

These forces use slander, paranoia, and anaology of Khilaalfa to sway their opinion over the gullible, talibati ul 'ilm fi al ummah (students of the ummah). Those who become entangled in their web behave too much like parrots repeating what their teacher has told them. And the sad part is that they hold fast to their ignorance as if they are afraid to be wrong. I, myself, was in the Islamic State and witnessed a land ruled by Shari'ah. Yet, still, a member of this group by the name of Hisbah-tahir, told me their amirs sent a delegation. They referred to a letter that was based on either strategy or propaganda, without remembering when the Prophet sula llahu alahi wa salaam sent Massud Ithakafi into the Qurayshi army as a part of strategy. The attitude of every talib (student) should be to seek to understand and verify the truth, then make their judgement.

The Mujaahidin are brothers of one another, and Allah has said to the Muslims that the disbelievers are of each other and the Believers are the brothers of one another. So we see the Believers in the last days refusing to slander or even harm a strand of hair of one of his brothers who are fighting or working to establish and implement shari'ah. The Believers fight the kuffar and the hypocrites and are harsh toward them, while making a thousand excuses for their Muslim brothers, because they fight to forbid the evil and make clear the path of Allah. It is not right for any Muslim to accuse our Mujahideen brothers who have shed their blood for the sake of Islam of not implementing full Shari'ah.

The Mujaahidin have fought very hard to establish the Shari'ah, and they continue to suffer because of their refusal to bow to the pressures of the kuffar and oppressive. Our Muslim brother, Usaamah bin Laadin has given his alegience to the Islamic state. And Bill Clinton, who has helped to massacre hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women and elderly in Iraq, walks free to convince the world that the Mujahideen are terrorists, and Afghanistan is home to the world's most deadly killer. Can this be right? And why would any Muslim openly side with this opinion directly or, even indirectly.

Our advice to all Muslims is to continue to strive for the truth and keep to the straight and narrow. Do not sway too much to the right, nor too much to the left. Let us all make hijrah away from the lands of the kuffar and be content with leaving the lands of oppression. Let us never look back as we say good-bye, until we meet in higher iman. Iman starts with enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong, after fully understanding the issues linked with the Shari'ah.

As for those who are working very hard to send messages of slander and confusion in order to destroy the hopes of the believers who want shari'ah, we must extinguish them by leaving them behind to enjoin what Allah has forbidden. Maybe they will then realize that their efforts were useless.

salaam ou alaikoem