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03-08-02, 01:27
Rally for Islam 6

Challenging Disbelief - Evolution, Globalisation, Socialism, Democracy, Terrorism, Man-made Law, Freedom, Secularism

"An invitation to Islam, the fastest growing belief in the world!"

If you just booked a holiday or a summer course...ask for your money back and cancel your booking!

This year sees the return of the annual event 'Rally for Islam' part 6, Challenging Disbelief., along with the co-operation of various Islamic organisations has organised this event for you and your family. With FREE admission, stalls, food, exhibitions, literature, books and much much more, you'll be a fool if you miss it!

We openly and publically call the British public and the rest of the world to Islam, the fastest groing belief in the world. We openly and publically challenge all forms of kufr (non-Islam) whether it be in the form of democracy, evolution, freedom, man-made law etc.

Gather all of mankind, your friends and your helpers and try to make ONE CHAPTER similar to a chapter in the Qur'an. If you cannot then try to at least make ONE SURAH simliar to a surah in the Qur'an!

It's time for the disbelievers to wake up and embrace Islam before it's too late...

Sunday 25th of August 2002 - From 1pm to 6pm
Trafalgar Square, London WC2
United Kingdom