Bekijk Volledige Versie : Bulgarians, Roma, French ‘Banned in Norway’

05-05-13, 14:00
May 3, 2013, Friday


Norway’s populist right-wing party has called for keeping out of the country Roma, Bulgarian and French nationals, arguing these are prone to criminal activities.

Per Sandberg, a Norwegian politician, currently Member of Parliament and deputy leader for the Progress Party, has suggested "three immediate steps to stop the flow of begging and crime” in a text distributed online.

According to him existing regulations entitle Norway’s border police to deny entry into the country of organized groups of Roma, Bulgarian or French nationals, because “experience has shown that these people disturb public order and often get involved in criminal activities."

Norwegian media reports say that initially Sandberg’s text featured the mentioning of Roma only, but in order to avoid leaving the impression of smearing them he added French and Bulgarians in the list of unwelcomed nations.