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29-11-02, 19:13
Seven killed in shooting in Israel

9:56:12 AM
Al-Khalil, Nov 29 - At least seven Jewish settlers were killed and more than 15 others injured Thursday when suspected Palestinian guerrillas opened fire on Israeli soldiers and settlers in the city of Bisan, 120 kilometers north west of Al-Qods.
The Israeli radio said 10 were injured, most of them seriously. Police sources said at least two Palestinian guerrillas wearing explosive belts opened fire at two locations in the northeastern town, causing several casualties.
Eyewitnesses said the shooting occurred at a polling station where Israeli voters were casting ballots to elect leader of the Likud party.
The sources said the two guerrillas were subsequently killed by police forces in the city.
It wasn't clear if the injured were soldiers or civilians. A hitherto unknown group calling itself "the regiments of Palestine army" declared responsibility for the attack in a call to western news agencies in Al-Qods.