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TLat Sidi BannouR.Doukala

May 28. 1983. 04:39 AM

Still dark, the first marchants are pitching up the tents ready to display their merchandise. A dozen of people from different tribes are sitting around a a half sleepy ShefnaJ rotating the floating donuts while listening to the radio.
All of a sudden his radio got jammed, then started tuning from one channel to another by itself, then turned off... the ShefnaJ woke up, and automatically reached to a plastic box containing different type of batteries... Hamza, the educated looking young man interrupted him : - Ehum...I donīt think itīs because of the batteries...there is something else going on in here...

To their surprise, sparks of lightenings started emerging around LmaQla, caused by static electricity. Then a huge blue light ball appeared, inside of which was a metalic creature posing like a 100 meters sprinter ready for the start.

Everybody was frozen on his seat, the creature stood up slowly, looked right, then left, then for what ever reason stared straight at the poor the ShefnaJ and said:

- I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle!

The audiance replied with a collective: HaHaHa-HaHa!"
Hamza intervened :
- We donīt have boots, and we donīt use motorcycles here, we have only Belgha and donkeys.

Automatically the robot stretched his arm, grabbed ShefnaJ from his clothes, lifted him from his seat, and started analyzing his dress, his appearance and shape... he seemed to be confused about the target.

The crowd felt that their breakfast was endangered, they surounded the robot, each one of them having in his hand what ever he can get: Stick, 3atla, Medra or a stone. Thinking that he was a "Jen" sent from hell, they circulated him and started reading Coran out loud. As he felt that his chances were getting small... The robot put Shefnaj back on his seat and said:

- I am a cyborg, model T3000, if you think that I am afraid of this crowd, you are wrong. If I havenīt had a bad knee..beep*...I would have fought all of you... but after all... maybe we can work things out together...beep*

Hamza replied:

- You see my friend... These poeple are peaceful, unfortunately they donīt speak englih, so you better check your files for something more exotic...

The Robot paused for few seconds, then said:

- mm...the calendar did work fine... I think the mapping program went wrong... You are right, I must have landed in the wrong place... I am not supposed to be in Dokala, I can sense it all over my circuits...Beep*

- Ewa matemshi ghir fin meshakīllah a si Robot...Do you mind if I call you "Taher" ? it would make it easier for us to communicate....

While Taher3000 was listening to Hamza, ShefnaJ and others jumped on him, put him on the ground, then dragged him to a fig tree (Karma), where they attached him with ropes. while another one was already calling Jadarmia. Hamza felt sad, as he was watching T3000 surrendering to his destiny with blinking light in his eyes, that looked almost like tears... So he calmed down the crowd, and explained to them, as much as he could...that Taher was not a demon... just a machine created by men living very far away...ehum*..and that he can learn from his surroundings. the crowd sat down on the dust, watching the fascinating machine, desperately making facial gestures, trying to communicate with crowd facing him.
Some weird athmosphere reigned over the place, the entire crowd felt pitty for T3000. Some were even holding their tears...

ShefnaJ stood up, came close to Taherīs face and said :

- Goul "Laylaha-ilallah mouahmmed Rassoullah", Al kafer!

Hamza explained :

- Listen Taher, if you want to become one of us, you will have to forget about the military mission you are sent for... Trust me, we have a better program for you.

Say loud :"La-ilaha illa Allah, Mohammed Rassoulo-Allah! "

As soon as T3000 repeated Shahada, green light lighted up his eyes. his head started spining... as if a magic password hacked into his system... Then his body relaxed, and he lifted up his head almost, in a charismatic way and said:


Hamza detached Taher3000, and gave him a jellaba, Tarboush and Balgha.
ShefnaJ was already suggesting that Taher3000 could be used as a Modden, since he doesnīt sleep. Others wanted him to use him as Berrah. Others wanted to give Mehrat and use him as Khemmass.

But Hamza objected all the suggestions, as he knew that T3000 does have alot of things to give to the scientific community... Before anybody was able to make up his mind, Jadarmia already arrived, followed by a special army unit, and 2 black cars with black windows. They chained T3000, put him inside a container then put him inside a truck. As they were driving away, the crowd could hear Taher screaming inside the container "Assalamu Aleikum...La ilaha ilallah!" While some of the crowd was crying. Since then, nothing was heard about him anymore...But, Rumors say that T3000 escaped, and became a Mejdoub, before turning OFF in Zawia.

They built a Darih on his grave, he is now called Sidi Taher Loghlimi.


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