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20-05-03, 02:57
Naast het wereldlijke feit dat de eerste hadith pas vele jaren na de openbaring van de Koran zijn opgetekend en de betreffende termen niet op de hadith kunnen slaan, geeft de Koran ook duidelijk uitleg over de betekenis van deze termen.

De Koran zal uitleg geven over zichzelf, aangezien het een compleet en volledig gedetailleerd boek is (6:38, 6:114). Indien men er naar snakt om andere boeken erbij te halen, zou men verzen als 17:46 goed moeten overpeinzen.

Als we kijken wat God in de Koran zegt over "Al-Hikmah" (de wijsheid), dan zien we in 3:58, 10:1, 31:2, 36:2 en 43:4 dat de Koran VOL wijsheid zit. God beantwoordt deze vraag dus rigoureus. Al-Hikmah is dus GEEN andere openbaring maar een eigenschap van DEZELFDE Koran. Ook de 'nieuwe kennis' die in 2:151 genoemd wordt, slaat op een eigenschap van de Koran. De Koran bevatte naast reeds bestaande vertellingen (over profeten en gebeurtenissen), ook volledig nieuwe kennis.

Mocht er nog twijfel bestaan over het antwoord op de vraag "Betreft 'de wijsheid' (Al-Hikmah) de hadith van de profeet Mohammed?" kijk dan naar een consequente interpretatie van het begrip, door 'de wijsheid' (Al-Hikmah) te vervangen door 'de hadith' of 'sunnah':

God gaf 'de wijsheid' (Al-Hikmah) aan al Zijn boodschappers/profeten: 3:81, 3:48, 2:251, 5:110, 31:12, 43:63
God gaf 'de wijsheid' (Al-Hikmah) aan de familie van Abraham: 4:54
God geeft 'de wijsheid' (Al-Hikmah) aan wie Hij wil: 2:229
De bovenstaande verzen bewijzen dat 'de wijsheid' (Al-Hikmah) NOOIT kan slaan op de hadith, want dan zijn de verzen niet logisch meer. De wijsheid is één van de vele eigenschappen van de Koran. Een eigenschap die God ook aan Zijn dienaren kan geven.

Een engelse versie:

Chapter 7 : Al-Hikma - A Separate Revelation from the Quraan?

Special thanx to brother Naveed for providing this article .

The previous chapters present much evidence to conclude that the true Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah was to live by the Quraan, preach by the Quraan, judge by the Quraan, and give explanations by the Quraan. However, sometimes human beings get stuck on an idea that they have been programmed with and they would look for any and every excuse to somehow validate that idea.

The proponents of Hadith are no different. They now come back and site the following Ayah to suggest that Allah revealed at least two different revelations to the Prophet Muhammad, one being the Book <al-Kitaab, and the other being the Wisdom <al-Hikma:

For Allah has sent down <anzala to you the Book and the Wisdom and taught you what you knew not (4:113)

We will see that just like al-Zikr (The Reminder), al-Hikma (The Wisdom) is also an attribute of the Quraan. The Quraan is not just a Book of laws and regulations. It also contains the Wisdom behind those laws and
regulations. Thus when Allah says Book and Wisdom, He is emphasizing that it is a written record that contains the wisdom behind the written statements.

We will now look at the Quraan to establish the meaning of Al-Hikma. As we have established before that the delivery or Balagha of the Messenger is the Quraan, we start with the Ayah that relates the Balagha to the Hikma:

There has already come to them recitals wherein there is (enough) to check; delivery of Wisdom <Hikmatun Balighatun - but the preaching of warners profits them not. (54:4-5)

Here the delivery <Balagha is that of Hikma. As we have seen above that the delivery is from the Book of Allah. Therefore, this ayah establishes that Hikma is from the Book and not outside.

Then in the following Ayah, Allah establishes that The Quraan is the Hikma:

These are of the Wisdom <al-Hikmati, which your Lord has revealed to you. Take not, with Allah, another object of Worship, lest you should be thrown into hell, blameworthy and rejected (17:39).

This Ayah clearly establishes that part of the Hikma revealed to the Messenger is that he Take not, with Allah, another object of Worship, lest you should be thrown into hell, blameworthy and rejected, which is part of the Quraan.Then,

This is what We rehearse <natluhu to you of the Ayaat and the Reminder of Wisdom <al-Zikr al-Hakeem (3:58)

Note here that Allah ties Wisdom to the Zikr, which we have already established to be the Quraan. It is also important to note that the Reminder of Wisdom is to be recited <Natluhu. The only thing that the
Muslims recite is the Quraan. No one ever recites Hadith. Thus the Hikma is the Quraan.

Also interesting to note is that the teaching of the Messenger of the Book and the Wisdom is always tied to him reciting the Ayaat of the Quraan; see for example:

Allah did confer a great favor on the believers when He sent among them a Messenger from among themselves, reciting <Yatlu to them the Ayaat of Allah, purifying them, and teaching them the Book and the Wisdom, while before that they were in manifest error (3:164)

Allah further says that He ONLY instructs us to RECITE <Yutla His Book and NOTHINGH ELSE:

And is it NOT ENOUGH for them that We have sent down <Anzalna to you the Book, which is Recited <Yutla to them Verily, in it is Mercy and Reminder <Zikr to those who believe (29:51)

Allah leaves no doubt that it is the Book that He wants us to Recite. Again notice that everything outside of the Book is excluded by this Ayah. Thus if Hikma, or Zikr were other revelations outside of the Book then
this Ayah excludes them.Note here again in 29:51 that what is sent down <Anzalna is of the Book only (and that is enough), which further confirms that Hikma is included in the Book.

We now look at another evidence that al-Hikma is something that is to be recited. We see that Allah commanded the wives of the Messenger to recite al-Hikmah:

Wazakurna ma_ yutla_ fi buyu_tikun na min a_ya_til la_hi wal hikmah inal la_ha ka_na latifan khabira

"And bear in mind that which is recited in your houses of the revelations of Allah and wisdom <al-Hikma. Lo! Allah is Subtile, Aware." (33:34)

This verse, along with the above evidence leaves no doubt that Hikmah was to be recited, and that it is just another attribute of the Quraan. However, some people say that Yutla does not necessarily mean to recite
but could also mean to read from memory. They insist that in this ayah, the Hadith of the Prophet are included and his wives are instructed to read the verses of the Quraan as well as the Hadith of the Prophet. This claim is not only baseless but quite funny. First of all, the Quraan uses the words Tilawa, yatlu, Tatlu , etc. explicitly for RECITATION of the VERSES of the QURAAN. In addition, the reading of the Hadith for the wives would create a very comical situation. It would be interesting for the wives of the Prophet to be reciting that The Messenger stood up by a wall and urinated, and that The Messenger had sex with 9 women in one night, and that Messenger poked out the eyes of some people and cut their hands and feet and put them up on the wall to die, and that Messenger told us not to write the Hadith but we are writing it anyway (please see these Hadith in the Appendix). I hope the proponents of Hadith see the ridiculousness of their concocted explanation.

Allah clearly explains to us that Wisdom is an attribute of the Quraan:

Alif Laam Ra. These are the Verses of the Book of Wisdom <Kitaab al-Hakeem (10:1)

Alif Lam Mim. These are the Verses of the Book of Wisdom (31:1-2)

Ta Sin. By the Quraan full of Wisdom (36:1-2)

We have made it a Quraan in Arabic, so that you may use your Aqal. And verily it is in the Mother of The Book, in Our Presence, High, Full of Wisdom (43:3-4)

These above Ayaat make it evident that Wisdom is an attribute of the Quraan. Thus when the Quraan is revealed to the Prophet, its Hikma is also revealed to him by default.

However, some people still insist WITHOUT PROOF that Hikma is a separate revelation from the Quraan. Allah disposes off such claims when He tells us:

Ha Mim. And the Book of Clarity <Kitaab al-Mubeen. We sent it down during a blessed night: for We wish to warn. In that is made distinct EVERY affair of WISDOM (44:1-4)

Here Allah ties the descending of the Book with all wisdom.

There is abundant evident that Hikma is an attribute of the Quraan, and is to be Recited. Quraan is not just a Kitaab or Book of Legal rulings. It also contains the Wisdom behind those rulings and laws. Thus The Book
and the Wisdom means the laws and the wisdom behind those laws. This is the Miracle of Allahs Revelations - they contain His laws as well as the Wisdom behind those laws.

But their hearts are in confused ignorance of this, and there are, besides that, deeds of theirs, which they will (continue) to do - until, when We seize in punishment those of them who received the good things of this world, behold they will groan in supplication. It will be said: groan not in supplication this day, for you shall certainly not be helped by Us. My Ayaat used to be Recited <Tutla to you, but you used to turn back on your heels in arrogance talking nonsense about it, like one telling fables by night. Do they not ponder of over the Word, or has anything come to them that did not come to their fathers of old (23:63-68)

But there are, among humans, who purchase idle Hadith, without knowledge, to mislead from the path of Allah and throw ridicule: for such there will be a humiliating penalty. When Our Ayaat are Recited <Tutla to such a one, he turns away in arrogance, as if he heard them not, as if there were deafness in both his ears: announce to him a grievous penalty (31:6-7)