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27-01-04, 16:44
I am a Muslim Woman

I am a Muslim Woman
Feel free to ask me why
When I walk, I walk with dignity
When I speak, I do not lie

I am a Muslim Woman,
Not all of me you'll see
But what you should appreciate
Is that the choice I make is free

I'm not plagued with depression
I'm neither cheated nor abused
I don't envy other women
And I'm certainly not confused

Note, I speak perfect English
Et un petit peu de francais aussie
I'm majoring in Linguistics
So you need not speak slowly
I own my own small business
Every cent I earn is mine
I drive my Chevy to school and work
And no, that's not a crime

You often stare as I walk by
You don't understand my veil
But peace and power I have found
For I am equal to any male

I am a Muslim Woman
So please don't pity me
For God has guided me to truth
And now I'm finally free!

27-01-04, 16:45
by Aisha

When you look at me
all you can see
Is the scarf that covers my hair
My word you can't hear
Because you're too full of fear,
Mouth gaping, all you do is stare.
You think it's not my own choice,
In your own "liberation" you rejoice.
You're so thankful that you're not me.
think I'm uneducated,
Trapped, oppressed and subjugated.
You're so thankful that you are free.

But Western women you've got it wrong-
You're the weak and i'm the strong,
For I've rejected the trap of man.
Fancy clothes- low neck, short skirt,
These are devices for pain and hurt,
Always jumping to the male agenda,
Competing on his terms.
No job share, no baby-sitting facilities,
No feeding and diaper-changing amenities.
No equal pay for equal skill-
Your job they can always fill.
Is this liberation?
A person with ideas and thought,
I'm not for sale, I can't be bought.
I won't decorate anyone's arm,
Nor be promoted for my charm.
There's more to me than playing coy.
Living life as a balancing game- mother,
Daughter, wife, nurse, cleaner, cook, lover-
And still bring home a wage.
Who thought up this modern "freedom"
Where man can love'em and man can leave 'em.
This is not free but life in a cage.
Western women you can have your life.
Mine- it has less strife.
I cover and I get respected
Surely that's to be expected-
For I won't demean the feminine
I won't live to a male criterion.
I dance to my own tune,
And I hope you see this very soon,
For your own sake- wake up and use your sight!
Are you so sure that you are right?

27-01-04, 16:46
Da'wah to a Non-Muslim Woman
(A True Experience)

I spoke to you about Islaam
You did not know before
A Christian is what you professed
But wanted to learn more...

Your views, I learnt, were so distorted
Misconceptions - plain
You thought Islaam was crooked, false!
I helped you think again...

You thought us women were deprived
No honour, grace or rights!
But as we spoke your face just changed
As if you'd seen the light...

Then to my great surprise you asked
To see His Book, Qur'aan!
My heart rejoiced as now I hoped
In your heart lay eemaan (faith)!

I hurried out to get a copy
While you still sat there
"O my Lord! Please guide this lady"
I had said in prayer...

Soorah Maryam I had chose
And gave you Allaah's Book
You quietly took it to your seat
And peacefully did look...

It all agreed with your beliefs
I saw it on your face!
You knew the truth from Allaah now
No longer out of place...
And so I boldly said to you
That you must too, submit
That you must follow Allaah's Will
And leave no part of it.

Your mood had gone serene and quiet
Not sure what to say
It seeemed the truth had found acceptance
In your heart that day...

The time had come for you to leave
But didn't want to go
Your mind was stirring all the time
At what you'd come to know...

And so you came with darkened thoughts
But Allaah gave you light
He cast away your erring views
And gave to you, new sight.

And thus the truth was brought to you
How little did you know!
Rays of truth so pure and simple
Could you let it go?

Embrace Islaam! I urged again
Your Lord and mine is One!
You hadn't as yet testified
But closer you had come..