Fa inna ma3a alyusri yusra
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      Would B Prikker
      Feb 2010
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      Standaard Fa inna ma3a al3usri yusra

      It may not be as simpel as you think.
      It may be that i'm more confused than i look like.
      I may not be as happy as i seem
      When i smile, just smile back at me and let's have fun.
      But when silence comes over me...
      Just let it be and let me be...It maybe the moment that i'm fighting against the tears that are coming up.
      U may Judge me as overreacting or maybe as a spoiled little girl.
      But you know.. that's ok, because i can even understand your toughts, while u will never be able to understand mine. No matter how hard you try..

      What i want to tell you and kindly ask you to do is just this:
      Please don't Judge a book by it's cover. Please don't Judge anyone until you made the same journey in their shoes.

      In our life we experience different kinds of journeys...The journeys interchange now and than. Not every journey takes the same time, just like every journey has got it's own lesson.
      Sometimes we understand the lessons directly and there might be journeys which its lesson could be learned as that journey ends and the next journey starts...

      Let's make every journey an experience who forms us to the person we have to be and need to be.
      I will even not ask you to take my hand and come a long in my journey.
      Cause i'm sure you have got your own.

      Some things may look very ease, but sometimes in our mind and heart we could be fighting the hardest battle ever. In our heart and mind it could be very complicated and the only one who's able to unerstand is My Lord.
      The One who's able to look in my heart. He's te One who gave it to me and He is the one who can cure it.

      Afte hardship comes ease. And i believe better days are coming. When the sun will shine brightly in my life.
      When Allah gives me that moment.
      No one will be able to take that away from me.

      All praise is to Allah theLord of the heavens and earth and all what's in between.
      He will be the coolness of my eyes.


      Allahoema yahdi qalbi
      Laatst gewijzigd door Fatima_L; 24-02-15 om 19:49.

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      Feb 2015
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      Standaard Re: Fa inna ma3a alyusri yusra

      Mooie ,liedje

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