The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politician’s propaganda
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      Dec 2003
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      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politicians' propaganda

      Ben Abelow – How the West brought war to Ukraine

      except in The Postil Magazine 1 october 2022

      review in The Postil Magazine 1 november 2022

      ACURA, American Committee for US-Russia Accord

      Emmanuel Akinwotu, Weronika Strzyżyńska – Nigeria condemns treatment of Africans trying to flee Ukraine
      Guardian 28 feb 2022

      Possible sabotage of Nord Stream would be ‘in no-one's interest’, says Blinken
      Al-Arabiya 28 september 2022

      Al Jazeera – ‘Double standards’: Western coverage of Ukraine war criticised

      M. Albright – The price is worth it

      Samir Amin – Russia and the Ukraine crisis: The Eurasian Project in conflict with the triad imperialist policies
      MRonline 7 mei 2022

      Amnesty International – Ukraine: Ukrainian fighting tactics endanger civilians (august 4 2022)

      Roger Annis – From May 2014: Two articles on the popular, anti-coup and pro-autonomy rebellions in Ukraine
      A Socialist in Canada 19 juli 2022

      Roger Annis – Shedding light on who, exactly, is responsible for the war in Ukraine
      A Socialist in Canada 6 aug 2022
      Covert Action Magazine 6 august 2022

      ANP / – Zelensky: 'Oekraďne moet erkennen dat NAVO-lidmaatschap er niet in zit'
      (15 maart 2022)

      Paul Antonopoulos – Ukraine does not consider Greeks to be indigenous to the country
      Greek City Times | 4 november 2021

      Paul Antonopoulos – US escalates sanction threats over China’s balanced position on Ukraine-Russia crisis
      BRICS information portal 24 maart 2022

      Kyle Anzalone – Study exposes misinformation campaign pushing pro-american narratives on twitter, facebook
      The Libertarian Institute 24 augustus 2022

      zie ook Graphika en Vittachi

      Jeremy Appel – Canada’s future prime minister needs to come clean about her Nazi collaborationist grandfather
      Horn Observers 12 mei 2022 / Tablet 12 mei 2022

      zie ook Pugliese

      Unai Aranzadi – Le danger d’ignorer l’extręme-droite en Ukraine
      Histoire et Sociéte 26 april

      vertaald door Gaston van Dyck als
      – Het gevaar van de onderschatting van extreem-rechts in Oekraďne
      De Wereld Morgen 5 mei 2022

      Deborah L. Armstrong – Blog

      From nurseries to nazis – The shocking ‘education’ of children in Ukraine
      – part 1 blog 29 juli 2022

      – part 2 blog 9 augustus 2022

      – part 3 blog 11 augustus 2022

      – Roger Waters added to Ukrainian hit list – “Pink Floyd” star declared “Enemy of Ukraine”
      blog 22 augustus 2022

      – Majority of Ukrainian refugees flee… to Russia – Ukrainian POWs beg not to be sent home
      blog 25 augustus 2022

      – Prominent American names added to Ukrainian kill list – Pressure mounts to shut down “Mirotvorets” database
      blog 9 september 2022

      Patrick Armstrong – Russia Observer

      Volodymyr Artiukh / Jana Tsoneva, interview – A Ukrainian socialist explains why the Russian invasion shouldn’t have been a surprise
      Jacobin Magazine 9 maart 2022

      Experts react: After Russia-Ukraine talks in Istanbul, is an end to war imminent?
      Atlantic Council 1 april 2022

      Arnold August – Ukraine-Russia: Sanctions against a “pro-Russian” professor from the University of Montreal, or freedom of speech?
      The Canada Files | 9 mei 2022

      MK Bhadrakumar – A war Russia set to win
      New Cold War 21 oktober 2021

      A. Baerbock – Rede von Außenministerin Annalena Baerbock zur aktuellen Situation in der Ukraine
      7 februari 2022

      Mark Bartalmai – Ukrainian Agony - The concealed war (2017)

      Jacques Baud, interview Thomas Kaiser – "The policy of the USA has always been to prevent Germany and Russia from cooperating more closely" – Historical, political and economic contexts of the war in Ukraine
      Zeitgeschehen im Fokus 15 maart 2022

      Jacques Baud – The military situation in the Ukraine
      The Postil Magazine 1 april 2022

      vertaald als
      – Voormalig NAVO-expert noemt Westen medeplichtig aan oorlog in Oekraďne

      – Voormalig NAVO-expert: “Ook andere interpretaties mogelijk van de feiten tijdens de invasie”

      – Voormalig NAVO-expert klaagt dubbele moraal over oorlogen – de onze vs de hunne – aan

      Jacques Baud, Aaron Mate (interview) – US, EU sacrificing Ukraine to ‘weaken Russia’: fmr. NATO adviser
      The Grayzone 15 april 2022

      Jacques Baud – The hidden truth about the war in Ukraine
      The Postil Magazine 1 augustus 2022
      Internationalist 360ş 3 augustus 2022

      Jacques Baud – Operation Z
      Max Milo 2022

      interview in
      The Postil Magazine 1 september 2022 / Internationalist 360ş 1 september 2022

      Jacques Baud, Aaron Mate (interview) – US, UK sabotaged peace deal because they ‘don’t care about Ukraine’: fmr. NATO adviser
      The Grayzone 28 september 2022

      BBC – Poland seeks Iraqi oil stake
      3 juli 2003

      BBC – Ukraine crisis: Transcript of leaked Nuland-Pyatt call
      7 feb. 2014

      Natalya Belitser – The constitutional process in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the context of interethnic relations and conflict settlement
      International Committee for Crimea | 20 februari 2000

      Russ Bellant – Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party: Domestic fascist networks and their effect on U.S. cold war politics
      South End Press, Boston, 1988

      zie ook Rosenberg in The Nation

      Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J.S. Davies – There is no wisdom in pretending that Ukraine's neo-nazis don't exist
      Common Dreams 9 maart 2022

      Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J. S. Davies – Peace talks essential as war rages on in Ukraine / Countercurrents 6 september 2022

      Meredith Bennett-Smith – Womp! This country was named the greatest threat to world peace
      Huffington Post | 2, 23 januari 2014

      Brian Berletic, zie The New Atlas (onder N); zie ook New Eastern Outlook

      B. Berletic (als T. Cartalucci) – Blocking Nord Stream 2: to fight “Russian dictatorship,” US dictates to Europe
      NEO 19 december 2018

      B. Berletic – US Multi-Domain Operations - war by additional means
      New Eastern Outlook 18 mei 2022
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      Dec 2003
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      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politicians' propaganda

      D. Bethlehem – Principles relevant to the scope of a state’s right of self-defence against an imminent or actual armed attack by nonstate actors
      The american journal of international law (vol. 106 AJIL 769, 773 (2012))

      M. K. Bhadrakumar – Attack on Nord Stream kills prospects for dialogue in Ukraine
      Internationalist 360ş 28 september 2022

      B. Bidder, U. Klußmann – Ukrainian civilians take up arms
      Der Spiegel 16 april 2014

      Sam Biddle – Facebook allows praise of neo-zazi Ukrainian battalion if it fights Russian invasion
      The Intercept 24 feb 2022

      Big Serge – The Russo-Ukrainian war, A six month retrospective
      Big Serge Thoughts (blog) 31 augustus 2022

      Big Serge – Ukraine counterattacks! Please remain calm
      Big Serge Thoughts (blog) 9 september 2022

      M. Birnbaum and M. Ryan – NATO says Ukraine to decide on peace deal with Russia - within limits
      The Washington Post 5 april 2022

      B. Blankenship – Winter is coming: Prague’s 70,000-strong protest shows what’s in store for Europe
      Internationlist 360ş 6 september 2022

      A. Blinken – Vital partners, shared priorities: the Biden administration’s Sub-Saharan Africa strategy
      Pretoria 8 augustus 2022

      Wiliam Blum – Killing hope, U.S. military and CIA interventions since world war II

      Max Blumenthal – US is arming neo-nazis in Ukraine
      The Real News 5 feb. 2018

      Max Blumenthal and Thomas Hedges – Inside America’s meddling machine: NED, the US-funded org interfering in elections around the globe
      The Grayzone 20 aug. 2018

      Max Blumenthal – Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to “weaken Russia,” leaked docs reveal
      The Grayzone 20 feb. 2021

      M. Blumenthal, A. Rubinstein – How Ukraine’s Jewish president Zelensky made peace with neo-Nazi paramilitaries on front lines of war with Russia
      The Grayzone 4 maart 2022

      Max Blumenthal, Anya Parampil – EU parliamentarian calls to sanction Vanessa Beeley and all observers of Donbass referendums
      The Grayzone 29 september 2022

      Atilio Borón, interview met Carlos Pronzato en Lois Pérez Leira – Atilio Borón aseguró la guerra entre Ucrania y Rusia fue creada en un «laboratorio de ideas» de EEUU
      El Argentino 27 april 2022

      vertaald als Atilio Borón: “De oorlog tussen Oekraďne en Rusland is gecreëerd in Amerikaanse denktank”
      De Wereld Morgen donderdag 5 mei 2022

      Chay Bowes – War propaganda about Ukraine is starting to wear thin
      Covert Action Magazine 13 augustus 2022

      Thomas Brewster – Ukraine’s propaganda offensive, led by ad-tech entrepreneurs, appears to be winning
      Forbes 1 maart 2022

      William J. Burns – Njet means njet: Russia’s NATO enlargement redlines
      1 feb. 2008 / wikileaks

      Nick Buxton – It’s high time to defuse the military carbon bomb
      Al Jazeera 25 november 2022

      Lee Camp - Revealed: How the US and UK stopped peace deal in Ukraine
      MintPress News 14 september 2022

      The Canada Files

      James Carden – The least among us: the war in the donbas is terrorizing Ukraine’s most vulnerable citizens
      The Nation 6 april 2015

      Michael Jabara Carley – Chrystia Freeland: Kiev’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa
      Strategic Culture Foundation23 januari 2017

      Tucker Carlson – We are at war with Russia
      Fox News 8 maart 2022

      Ted Galen Carpenter – Ignored warnings: how NATO expansion led to the current Ukraine tragedy
      19FortyFive 24 feb 2022

      ook in The Guardian 28 feb 2022

      The Holocaust in Ukraine: New Sources and Perspectives Conference Presentation
      Centre for Advanced Holocaust Studies / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 2013

      Jean-Marie Chauvier – Ukraine : le fascisme new look réhabilité par Iouchtchenko
      Investig’Action 16 oktober 2007

      vertaald als
      – Oekraďne: het fascisme in een nieuw jasje door Joesjtsjenko in ere hersteld
      op De Wereld Morgen 30 mei 2022

      Jean-Marie Chauvier – Oekraďens nationalisme: van de OUN in 1929 tot Euromaidan in 2014
      De Wereld Morgen 25 mei 2022

      China, Ministerie van buitenlandse zaken – Fact Sheet on the National Endowment for Democracy
      7 mei 2022

      Joshua Cho – Calling Putin ‘Hitler’ to smear diplomacy as ‘appeasement’
      FAIR 21 juli 2022

      Kristin Christman – Rethink weapons exports
      Countercurrents 3 april 2018

      Kristin Christman – Russia, Ukraine and the United States: Trapped in a cultural script
      Countercurrents 11 april 2022

      Kristin Christman – Paradigm for peace applied to Russia, Ukraine and the US: Proposal for a peaceful Pathway forward
      Countercurrents 13 mei - 3 oktober 2022

      CIA – Memorandum for: Deputy Director, Plans – Subject: Ukranian Position Paper – CIA position paper for the Ukrainian discussions with the British in London on 23-25 april 1951

      Renfrey Clarke – The catastrophy of Ukranian capitalism: How privatisation dispossessed and impoverished the Ukrainian people
      Resistance Books | juni 2022

      Renfrey Clarke – Ukraine faces hyperinflation, economic collapse
      New Cold War | 24 october 2022

      James Clayton – Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister carries Ukrainian fascist banner at Toronto demonstration
      WSWS 2 March 2022

      Dan Cohen – Ukraine’s Propaganda War: International PR Firms, DC Lobbyists and CIA Cutouts
      MintPress News 22 maart 2022

      Josh Cohen – The historian whitewashing Ukraine’s past
      Foreign Policy 2 mei 2016

      Stephen F. Cohen – America’s collusion with Neo-Nazis - Neo-fascists play an important official or tolerated role in US-backed Ukraine
      The Nation 2 mei 2018

      Stephen F. Cohen, Aaron Mate (interview) – Adam Schiff’s Russia-bashing is unhinged and dangerous
      The Grayzone 28 jan. 2020

      Stephen F. Cohen, Aaron Mate (interview) – Russia's democratization and how US meddling undermines it
      The Grayzone 30 dec 2020

      Stephen F. Cohen, Aaron Mate (interview) – Siding with Ukraine's far-right, US sabotaged Zelensky's mandate for peace 10 april 2022

      vertaald door Marina Mommerency als
      – VS koos voor extreemrechts en saboteerde vredesmandaat Oekraďense president Zelensky
      op De Wereld Morgen

      T. J. Coles – ‘Gods of War’: How the US weaponized Ukraine against Russia
      The Grayzone 1 april 2022

      T. J. Coles – How Britain fueled Ukraine’s war machine and invited direct conflict with Russia
      The Grayzone 12 augustus 2022

      Congressional Research Service (CRS) – Instances of use of United States armed forces abroad, 1798-2022
      march 2022

      see also Norton 13 sept 2022 and Tufts University

      Countercurrents Collective – Thousands of thousands join Paris protest against NATO and EU
      Countercurrents 10 oktober 2022

      Peter Cronau – Exposed: Covert pro-Western info op

      Declassified Australia 22 september 2022

      Consortium News 23 september 2022
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      Dec 2003
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      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politicians' propaganda

      Guy Debord – La société du spectacle
      Buchet/Chastel 1967

      vertaald als The society of the spectacle
      hier in The Anarchist Library

      zie ook Stavroula Pabst

      Dave DeCamp – UK’s Boris Johnson urges Ukraine not to negotiate with Russia 9 mei 2022

      Dave DeCamp – US warns Africa against buying anything from Russia besides grain and fertilizer 9 augustus 2022

      Dave DeCamp – Russia, Ukraine tentatively agreed on peace deal in April 31 augustus 2022

      Dave DeCamp – Ultra-hawk Liz Truss to be next British prime minister 5 september 2022

      Ashley Deeks – Readings: Daniel Bethlehem on Principles Governing Self-Defense Against Non-State Actors
      Lawfare 10 januari 2013

      Jolle Demmers – De valse solidariteit van het Westen in de Oekraďnecrisis
      Volkskrant 8 maart 2022

      Democracy Now! – Overthrow: 100 Years of U.S. Meddling & Regime Change, from Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba

      Democracy Now! – Americans are getting a mild taste of their own medicine

      Arnaud Develay – Self-determination, referenda and the rights of minorities
      interview met Alfred de Zayas
      Defend Democracy Press 19 november 2022
      MR Online 22 november 2022

      C. F. J. Doebbler – Russia’s use of force against Ukraine
      Countercurrents 1 maart 2022

      Bharat Dogra – A time for Europe to look inwards
      Countercurrents 24 november 2022

      Donbass insider

      Yuliy Dubovyk – Ukrainian leftist criticizes Western war drive with Russia: US is using Ukraine as ‘cannon fodder’
      Multipolarista 14 maart 2022

      Scott C. Dunn – No one wants to talk about Ukraine’s emigration ban
      blog | 16 januari 2023

      The Duran

      C. Duster / F. Zakaria – Interview met Zelensky
      CNN 20 maart 2022

      Sonja van den Ende – Intrepid reporter finds that the Russians were welcomed as liberators in the southern Ukrainian city of Henichesk along the Sea of Azov
      Covert Action Magazine 25 maart 2022

      F. W. Engdahl – Ukraine protests carefully orchestrated: the role of CANVAS, US-financed “Color Revolution Training Group”
      Global Research 7 jan. 2014

      F. W. Engdahl e. a. – Target: Ukraine – How foreign intervention is tearing the country apart
      Global Research 5 feb. 2022

      Ronald Enzweiler – The War Party’s dictates on the Ukraine war 28 april 2022

      Mark Episkopos – Ukraine’s recent drone strike reignites tensions in Donbass
      The National Interest 31 oktober 2021

      Pepe Escobar – Who profits from Pipeline Terror?
      The | 29 september 2022

      Europees Parlement – Murderous attack on ethnic Greeks in Ukraine
      Parliamentary questions 16 feb 2022

      Europese Commissie – Antwoord 22 april 2022

      Europees Parlement – Volledig verslag van de Vergaderingen / Verbatim Report of the Proceedings

      EU – East StratCom Task Force

      EuvsDisinfo – Disinformation cases about Ukraine[]=77547&date=&per_page=

      Richard Falk – Why Ukraine?
      open brief, Counterpunch 8 april 2022

      vertaald door Marina Mommerency als
      – Wereldleiders spelen Armageddon Roulette over de hoofden van de Oekraďeners
      De Wereld Morgen 19 april 2022

      Lee Fang, Zaid Jilani – Hacked emails reveal NATO general plotting against Obama on Russia policy
      The Intercept 1 juli 2016

      M. Seddon, R. Olearchyk, A. Massoudi, N. Zilber – Ukraine and Russia explore neutrality plan in peace talks
      Financial Times 16 maart 2022

      Freedom House – The invasion of Ukraine

      Chas Freeman, Aaron Maté (interview) – US fighting Russia ‘to the last Ukrainian’: veteran US diplomat
      Pushback 22 maart 2022

      The Grayzone (transcriptie)

      Gallup – Public Opinion Survey Residents of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (mei 2013)

      Gallup – Views of the political crisis in Ukraine
      april / juni 2014

      Ahmet Gençtürk – Normandy format talks in Berlin end without tangible results
      Anadolu Ajansı 11 feb 2022

      Luca Goldmansour – ‘Disinformation’ label serves to marginalize crucial Ukraine facts
      FAIR 18 mei 2022

      Lev Golinkin – A backpack, a bear, and eight crates of vodka, a memoir of Soviet Ukraine
      Anchor Books 2014

      Lev Golinkin – Ukraine’s far-right menace
      Politico 1 september 2015

      Lev Golinkin – The reality of neo-Nazis in Ukraine is far from Kremlin propaganda
      The Hill 11 sept. 2017

      Lev Golinkin – Neo-Nazis and the Far Right are on the march in Ukraine
      The Nation 22 februari 2019

      Lev Golinkin – Nazi collaborator monuments in Ukraine
      Forward 27 januari 2021

      April Gordon – In Ukraine and beyond, democracy requires both freedom and security
      Freedom House maart 2019

      April Gordon – A new Eurasian far right rising: Reflections on Ukraine, Georgia, and Armenia
      Freedom House januari 2000

      Graphika and Stanford Internet Observatory – Unheard Voice: Evaluating five years of pro-Western covert influence operations

      zie ook Anzalone en Vittachi

      Gravitas – China in the Solomons: a result of Australia's blunder?
      20 april 2022

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      Dec 2003
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      Reputatie Macht

      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politicians' propaganda

      The Grayzone – The battle for Ukraine, with ex-UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter
      Streamed live on Mar 23, 2022

      Bryce Green – What you should really know about Ukraine
      Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting 28 jan 2022

      Bryce Green – US Media’s Intellectual No-Fly-Zone on US Culpability in Nord Stream Attack
      FAIR 7 oktober 2022

      J. A. Green, C. Henderson, T. Ruys – Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the jus ad bellum
      Journal on the Use of Force and International Law Vol. 9 2022

      Glenn Greenwald – Victoria Nuland: Ukraine has "biological research facilities", worried Russia may seize them
      9 maart 2022

      Glenn Greenwald – The consortium imposing the growing censorship regime
      blog 28 oktober 2022

      ook op Scheerpost

      Oksana Grytsenk – ‘I’m not a loser’: Zelensky clashes with veterans over Donbas disengagement (VIDEO)
      Kyiv Post 28 okt. 2019

      Facebook and Instagram let users call for death to Russian soldiers over Ukraine
      Guardian / Reuters 11 maart 2022

      Marie Therese ter Haar – De strijd tussen Rusland en het Westen
      Café Weltschmerz 12 feb. 2022

      Richard Haass – What does the West want in Ukraine? Defining Success - before it’s too late
      Foreign Affairs 22 april 2022

      Jürgen Habermas – Das Dilemma des Westens
      Süddeutsche Zeitung 28 april 2022

      Gordon M. Hahn – The Russian Winter Offensive
      Internationalist 360ş 25 november 2022

      Gordon M. Hahn – « The West Has Been Reckless with Vladimir Putin »
      interview by Mohsen Abdelmoumen
      Internationalist 360° 6 january 2023

      Gordon M. Hahn – Developments in the NATO-Russian Ukranian War: Winter Offensive
      Internationalist 360° 21 januar 2023

      Luke Harding – Eggs and fists fly in parliament as Russia given new naval base lease
      The Guardian zondag 2 mei 2010

      Chris Hedges – Waltzing toward Armageddon with the merchants of death
      Scheerpost 14 maart 2022

      in het nederlands vertaald door Ann Dejaeghere als
      – Walsend naar Armageddon met de handelaren des doods
      De Wereld Morgen 22 maart 2020

      Chris Hedges – NATO - The most dangerous military alliance on the planet
      Scheerpost 11 juli 2022

      Stephanie Hegarty – Ukraine conflict: Nigeria condemns treatment of Africans
      BBC World Service 28 feb. 2022

      John Helmer – Victim or aggressor - Chrystia Freeland’s family record for nazi war profiteering, and murder of the Cracow jews.
      Dances with bears blog 19 januari 2017

      E. Herman, N. Chomsky – Manufacturing consent (1988)

      Katrina van den Heuvel – Waarom Biden de 'top voor democratie' niet moet gebruiken om meer koude oorlogen te beginnen
      Globetrotter 10 dec. 2021

      F. Hill, A. Stent – The world Putin wants
      Foreign Affairs sept / okt 2022

      Matthew Hoh – Nearly 3/4 of the world’s dictators receive US weapons and military assistance
      Counterpunch 22 november 2021

      J. de Hoop Scheffer – Poetin werd radicaler door NAVO
      Nieuwsuur 7 jan 2018

      Scott Horton – The history behind the Russia-Ukraine war 3 maart 2022

      Mass Protests Taking Place Across Europe Against NATO Proxy War, Sanctions and the Economic Crisis
      Internationalist 360ş 4 september 2022

      Human Rights Investigations – Pew Poll: Crimeans happy with “annexation” by Russia, believe referendum was free and fair
      12 mei 2014

      – The Crimea referendum “15% for” myth
      6 mei 2014

      Volodymyr Ishchenko – Ukrainians are far from unified on NATO. Let them decide for themselves
      Truthout 28 dec. 2021

      Volodymyr Ishchenko, Branko Marcetic (interview) – A Ukrainian sociologist explains why everything you know about Ukraine is probably wrong
      Jacobin 10 feb. 2022

      Simon Jenkins – Liz Truss risks recklessly inflaming Ukraine’s war to serve her own ambition
      The Guardian donderdag 28 april 2022

      Jake Johnson – Boris Johnson pressured Zelenskyy to ditch peace talks with Russia: Ukrainian paper
      Common Dreams 6 mei 2022

      Larry Johnson – Understanding the Ukrainian SS Galicia Division helps explain UK and Canadian support for Ukraine
      Gateway Pundit 25 juni 2022

      Caitlin Johnstone – It’s not okay for grown adults to say the Ukraine invasion was “unprovoked”
      Blog 7 september 2022

      Caitlin Johnstone
      Destroying Western values to defend Western values
      blog 1 nov 2022

      Diana Johnstone – US foreign policy is a cruel sport
      Consortium News 23 feb. 2022

      Diana Johnstone – Omerta in the gangster war
      Consortium News 28 september 2022

      Aidan Jonah – Canadian Professor attacked by mainstream media for opposing NATO narrative on Ukraine
      Internationalist 360ş 6 november 2022

      S. Kaag – Memorie van Antwoord Eerste Kamer (8 mei 2020)

      M. Karadjis – On the fantastic tale that “the Ukrainian army killed 14,000 ethnic Russians in Donbas between 2014 and 2022”
      16 juni 2022

      Ivan Katchanovksi – The 'snipers' massacre' on the Maidan in Ukraine
      Shool of Political Studies, Universiteit van Ottawa 5 sept. 2015

      Ivan Katchanovksi – The far right, the Euromaidan, and the Maidan massacre in Ukraine
      15 december 2019

      Jillian Kestler-D'Amours – Canada’s ‘petro-provinces’ see opportunity in Russia-Ukraine war
      Al Jazeera 8 maart 2022

      Heinz Kissinger – To settle the Ukraine crisis, start at the end
      Washington Post 5 maart 2014

      Heinz Kissinger – These are the main geopolitical challenges facing the world right now
      World Economic Forum 23 mei 2022

      Kit Klarenberg – Anatomy of a coup: How CIA front laid foundations for Ukraine war
      Kit’s Newsletter 1 juli 2022 / Monthly Review on line

      Ken Klippenstein, Lee Fang – Truth Cops - Leaked documents outline DHS’s plans to police disinformation
      The Intercept 31 oktober 2022

      Slobodan Kolomoets – Exposed: The vast pro-Ukrainian ‘bot army’ designed to influence Western policy makers
      RT 10 september 2022 / NCW 12 september 2022

      Pĺl Kolstř, Andrei Edemsky – Russians in the former Soviet republics
      Hurst & Co 1995
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      antigodin Olive Yao's Avatar
      Dec 2003
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      Reputatie Macht

      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politicians propaganda

      Andrew Korybko – Counterproductive policies, not “Russian propaganda”, were responsible for Prague’s protests
      Internationalist 360ş 5 september 2022

      – Poland’s hyping up the German threat to central Europe to consolidate its regional influence
      blog 18 september 2022

      – The Anglo-American axis benefits from the ecological terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea
      blog 27 september 2022

      Dmitri Kovalevich – The long history of anti-Jewish prejudice and violence by Ukrainian nationalists, and how Soviet Ukraine fought against it
      A Socialist in Canada 21 oktober 2022

      Daniel Kovalik – Why Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is legal under international law
      RT 23 april 2022
      A Socialist in Canada 25 april 2022

      Mark Kramer – Why did Russia give away Crimea sixty years ago?
      Wilson Centre Cold war international history project

      Jeremy Kuzmarov – National Endowment for Democracy deletes records of funding projects in Ukraine
      Covert Action Magazine 7 maart 2022

      Jeremy Kuzmarov – Wars R Us: A review of Christian Sorensen’s new book “Understanding the war industry”
      Covert Action Magazine 28 november 2020

      see also Sorensen

      Jeremy Kuzmarov – Former German chancellor Merkel admits that Minsk peace agreements were part of scheme for Ukraine to buy time to prepare for war with Russia
      Covert Action Magazine 19 december 2022

      Oleksiy Kuzmenko, Michael Colborne – Ukrainian Far-Right extremists receive state funds to teach "patriotism"
      Bellingcat 16 juli 2019

      Annie Lacroix-Riz, Robin Delobel (interview) – « Il y a un contexte historique qui explique que la Russie était acculée »
      Investig’Action 28 maart 2022

      Grégoire Lalieu – Mohamed Hassan sur le monde multipolaire: «Le néocolonialisme est mort»
      Investig’Action 26 oktober 2022

      Patrick Lancaster

      Joe Lauria – The three types of U.S. ‘Regime Change’
      Consortium News 20 jan. 2022 / Scheerpost 22 jan. 2022

      in het nederlands vertaald door Hilde Baccarne als
      – Drie types ‘regime change’, made in USA
      De Wereld Morgen 15 feb. 2022

      Joe Lauria – What a US trap for Russia in Ukraine might look like
      Consortium News 4 feb. 2022

      Joe Lauria – US makes clear its aim is to ‘weaken’ Russia
      Consortium News 25 april 2022

      Joe Lauria – The timing of the pipeline attack
      Consortium News 28 september 2022

      Joe Lauria – On the Influence of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine
      Consortium News 29 december 2022

      Patrick Lawrence – Europe’s selfdestruction
      Scheerpost 22 oktober 2022

      Patrick Lawrence – Why do nations erase the past?
      Scheerpost 25 november 2022

      Sarah Lazare – Biggest threat to world peace: the United States
      Common Dreams 31 december 2013

      Peter Lee – Skullduggery in Ukraine
      Counterpunch 4 maart 2014

      Lucas Leiroz – Understanding Ukrainian Nazism
      BRICS Information Portal 25 feb 2022

      Juan Lovera – De Russische invasie van Oekraďne: materiele belangen, geopolitiek, ultranationalisme en de rol van westers links
      Communisitisch Platform 22 april 2022

      Vyacheslav Lykhachov – Far-right extremism as a threat to Ukrainian democracy
      Freedom House 2018

      – Euromaidan SOS: honest answers to the most common questions about AZOV in the West
      Expert Council of the Center for Civil Liberties 3 april 2022

      Douglas Macgregor

      Colonel Douglas MacGregor / Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal (interview) – "The War for all intents and purposes has been decided"
      The Grayzone 15 maart 2022

      Douglas Macgregor – Washington is prolonging Ukraine's suffering
      The American Conservative 20 december 2022

      Branco Marcetic – The CIA may be breeding nazi terror in Ukraine
      Jacobin 15 jan 2022

      Marinus – The Russian Invasion of Ukraine
      Maneuvrist papers nr. 22 | Marine Corps Gazette , Marine Corps Association
      in UA pov: Marine Corps Gazette publishes an oddly positive assessment of Russia's military ops

      besproken in Strether hieronder

      David R. Marples – The Volyn massacre
      The Postil magazine 1 augustus 2022

      Aaron Maté – tweet 23 feb 2022

      Aaron Maté – By using Ukraine to fight Russia, the US provoked Putin's war
      5 maart 2022

      Aaron Maté – In Ukraine, a proxy war on the planet
      blog 16 juli 2022

      Aaron Maté - NATO prolongs the Ukraine proxy war and global havoc
      blog 19 september 2022

      Jared McBride – How Ukraine’s New Memory Commissar Is Controlling the Nation’s Past
      The Nation 13 augustus 2015

      John Mearsheimer – Why the Ukraine crisis is the West’s fault
      Foreign Affairs sept / oct 2014

      John Mearsheimer – The causes and consequences of the Ukraine crisis (2015)

      John Mearsheimer / Isaac Chotiner – Why John Mearsheimer blames the U.S. for the crisis in Ukraine
      The New Yorker 1 maart 2022 (interview)

      Media Lens / D. Edwards, D. Cromwell – Newspeak in the 21st century

      – Doubling down on double standards - The Ukraine propaganda blitz
      4 maart 2022

      – Wicked Leaks part 1: How the media quarantined evidence on Nord Stream sabotage
      26 oktober 2022

      Guy Mettan – Zelenskymania and Switzerland’s ruined image
      Schweizer Standpunkt

      Thierry Meyssan – Canada and the Banderites
      Internationalist 360ş 10 mei 2022

      żQué pasó en Bucha? Escenas de una masacre escenificada
      Mission Verdad | 4 april 2022

      Arta Moeini – How Western elites exploit Ukraine, Reality is manipulated to strengthen their regime
      Institue for Peace and Diplomacy / UnHerd 5 maart 2022

      Moon of Alabama – Zelensky and the fascists: "He will hang on some tree on Khreshchatyk"
      blog 5 maart 2022

      – Whodunnit? - Facts related to the sabotage attack on the Nord Stream pipelines
      blog 28 sept. 2022 / Monthy Review 28 sept. 2022

      Moon of Alamaba – 'Minsk II was agreed on to arm Ukraine' - did Merkel really say that?
      blog 9 december 2022

      Moon of Alabama – Ukraine: Russian army activates southern front as winter offensive begins
      Internationalist 360° 22 january 2023
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      Reputatie Macht

      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politicians propaganda

      Anne Morelli / Lode Vanoost (interview) – Anne Morelli over oorlogspropaganda: “Twijfel altijd, over wat men ons opdringt én over wat we er zelf over menen te weten”
      De Wereld Morgen 6 april 2022

      C. Morello, P. Constable, A. Faiola – Crimeans vote to break away from Ukraine, join Russia
      Washington Post 16 maart 2014

      T. Murphy, T. Raja – Map: All the countries John McCain has wanted to attack
      Mother Jones 6 september 2013

      Craig Murray – Protecting the Nazis: the extraordinary vote of Ukraine and the USA
      Internationalist 360ş 21 december 2021


      Christelle Néant – Censorship - Donbass insider in the crosshairs of Newsguard, an agency linked to the CIA, NATO and the White House
      Donbass insider 28 maart 2022

      Christelle Néant – Mariupol - Ukrainian soldiers surrounded in Azovstal reveal their faces as terrorists and hostage-takers
      Donbass insider 6 mei 2022 / MRonline 9 mei 2022

      Christelle Néant – No, the Russian army did not bomb a crowded shopping centre in Kremenchuk
      Donbass Insider 29 june 2022

      The New Atlas

      New Eastern Outlook


      Nieuwsuur – De hele wereld tegen Rusland? Valt best mee
      30 april 2022

      Taylor C. Noakes – Canada’s nazi monument problem
      Internationalist 360ş 11 november 2022

      David North – History and war propaganda: Timothy Snyder falsifies role of Ukrainian fascism
      WSWS 24 april 2022

      Ben Norton – WaPo uses photo of John McCain next to Nazi to praise his ‘human rights’ work
      FAIR 29 augustus 2018

      Ben Norton – China & Russia declare new era of multipolarity
      Schweizer Standpunkt 13 maart 2022

      Ben Norton – CIA director admits to waging ‘information war’ against Russia
      Mulitpolarista 17 maart 2022

      Ben Norton – Ukraine is brutally repressing the left, criminalizing socialist parties, imprisoning activists
      Multipolarista 21 maart 2022

      Ben Norton – Ex US official admits Ukraine conflict is NATO ‘proxy war with Russia’
      Multipolarista 24 maart 2022

      Ben Norton – NATO admits it wants 'Ukrainians to keep dying' to bleed Russia, not peace
      Al Mayadeen Net 8 april 2022

      vertaald door Ronald Decelle als
      – NAVO geeft toe dat vrede geen optie is en dat ze wil “dat er Oekraďners blijven sterven” om Rusland te verzwakken
      op De Wereld Morgen, 4 mei 2022

      Ben Norton – South Koreans protest US military drills simulating war with North
      Multipolarista | 2 september 2022

      Ben Norton – West killed peace proposal to end Ukraine war, Russia supported negotiated settlement
      Multipolarista 3 september 2022

      Ben Norton – US launched 251 military interventions since 1991, and 469 since 1798
      Multipolarista 13 september 2022

      see also Congressional Research Service and Tufts University

      Ben Norton – French ambassador: US ‘rules-based order’ means Western domination, violating international law
      Multipolarista 21 november 2022

      NOS – NAVO tart Rusland met grootste oefening ooit in Oost-Europa

      M. Kerres – VS zeggen ontwapeningsverdrag met Rusland op
      NRC 2 feb 2019

      NRC – Paus: rol NAVO kan tot Russische invasie Oekraďne hebben geleid
      3 mei 2022 – Polen sluit tientallen niet-Oekraďense vluchtelingen op in detentiecentra
      23 maart 2022

      V. Nuland – telefoongesprek 4 februari 2014

      Richard Ochs – The 16 biggest lies the U.S. government tells America about the Ukraine war
      Covert Action Magazine 18 mei 2022

      Oekraďne – Decreet van de President van Oekraďne no. 117/2021
      24 maart 2021

      Organisatie voor Veiligheid en Samenwerking in Europa (OVSE) – Astana Commemorative Declaration towards a security community
      Summit Meeting, 3 december 2010

      Organisatie voor Veiligheid en Samenwerking in Europa (OVSE)

      Daily report 36/2022 16 feb. 2022

      Daily report 37/2022 17 feb. 2022

      Daily report 38/2022 18 feb. 2022

      Daily report 39/2022 19 feb. 2022

      Daily report 40/2022 20-21 feb. 2022

      James O’Neill – The true cost of Europe’s sanctions upon Russia are now being revealed
      New Eastern Outlook 20 juni 2022

      Organisatie van Oekraďnse Nationalisten – Strijd en activiteiten van de OON in oorlogstijd (1941)

      Stavroula Pabst – Guy Debord’s warning of “the role of the expert”: a philosophical perspective on the rise of fact-checking
      Propaganda in Focus | 2 januari 2023

      zie ook Guy Debord

      Greg Palast, Yuriy Kushnir – Seven facts about Ukraine, Deadly men in funny hats
      Nieuwsbrief 18 feb. 2022

      Greg Palast – Venezuela can bring Putin to his knees
      Nieuwsbrief 25 feb. 2022

      Robert Parry – CIA’s hidden hand in ‘democracy’ groups
      Consortium News 8 januari 2015

      Ron Paul – Why is the Biden Administration pushing Ukraine to attack Russia?
      5 april 2021

      Activists reject escalation in Ukraine, even when it’s unpopular
      Peoples Dispatch | 21 november 2022

      Nicolai Petro – The tragedy of Ukraine: what classical Greek tragedy can teach us about conflict resolution
      De Gruyter 2022

      Nicolai Petro, Aaron Maté (interview) – How Ukraine's far-right, with NATO backing, block peace

      Pew Research Centre – Despite concerns about governance, Ukrainians want to remain one country
      8 mei 2014

      Physicians for Social Responsibility et al. – Body Count, Casualty figures after 10 years of the “War on Terror” (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan)
      Washington DC, Berlin, Ottawa - march 2015

      Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska, Richard Sakwa (eds) – Ukraine and Russia: people, politics, propaganda and perspectives
      E-international Relations Publishing 2015

      John Pilger – Western democracies have mutated into propagandists for war and conflict
      Other news, Voices against the tide 18 feb. 2022
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      Reputatie Macht

      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politicians propaganda

      Vladimir Poetin – Redevoering op 25 april 2005
      Kremlin, Moskou | transcriptie, vertaling
      Annual Address toÂ*theÂ*Federal Assembly ofÂ*theÂ*Russian Federation • President ofÂ*Russia

      Vladimir Poetin – Redevoering op 10 februari 2007
      München, Duitsland | transcriptie, vertaling
      Speech andÂ*theÂ*Following Discussion atÂ*theÂ*Munich Conference onÂ*Security Policy • President ofÂ*Russia

      Vladimir Poetin – A plea for caution from Russia
      New York Times Op-Ed 11 september 2013
      Opinion | What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria - The New York Times

      Vladimir Poetin – On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians
      essay, 12 juli 2021
      Article byÂ*Vladimir Putin ”OnÂ*theÂ*Historical Unity ofÂ*Russians andÂ*Ukrainians“ • President ofÂ*Russia

      Vladimir Poetin – Redevoering op 21 februari 2022
      Kremlin, Moskou | transcriptie, vertaling
      Address byÂ*theÂ*President ofÂ*theÂ*Russian Federation • President ofÂ*Russia

      Vladimir Poetin – Redevoering op 24 februari 2022
      Kremlin, Moskou | transcriptie, vertaling

      Vladimir Poetin – Meeting on socioeconomic support for regions, 16 maart 2022
      Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region | transcripie, vertaling

      Vladimir Poetin – Redevoering op Dag van de Overwinning, 9 mei 2022
      Rode Plein, Moskou | transcriptie, vertaling

      Vladimir Poetin – Redevoering en discussie St Petersburg International Economic Forum Plenary session
      Sint Petersburg 17 juni 2022 | transcriptie, vertaling

      Vladimir Poetin – Toespraak 20 juli 2022
      Moskou | transcriptie, vertaling

      Vladimir Poetin – Redevoering 16 augustus 2016
      Moskou | transcriptie, vertaling

      Vladimir Poetin – redevoering 30 september 2022
      Kremlin, Moskou | transcriptie, vertaling

      V. Poetin en E. Macron – Conversatie 20 februari 2022
      Le Temps 25 juni 2022

      C. J. Polychroniou – People worldwide name US as a major threat to world peace. Here’s why
      Truthout | 6 november 2021

      Vijay Prashad – Why is NATO even a thing?
      Peoples Dispatch, webinar 29 maart 2022

      beschreven in Gaston van Dyck – Oorlog in Oekraďne: de drijfveren van de NAVO
      De Wereld Morgen 1 april 2022

      Vijay Prashad, Rania Khalek (interview) – Europe’s path to self-destruction: following U.S. as global order comes apart
      BreakThrough News / Dispatches 2 juni 2022

      Vijay Prashad, John Ross, Deborah Veneziale, John Bellamy Foster –
      The United States is waging a new cold war: a socialist perspective
      Tricontinental | 13 september 2022

      Vijay Prashad – Washington bullets
      LeftWord Books, New Delhi, 2020

      Bert Prins – Het Westen en de uitgelokte agressie
      Solidariteit 11 september 2022 / Global Info 16 september 2022

      T. Donnelly, D. Kagan, G. Schmitt – Rebuilding America’s defences
      Project for a New American Century | 2000

      David Pugliese – Chrystia Freeland’s granddad was indeed a Nazi collaborator - so much for Russian disinformation
      Ottawa Citizen 8 maart 2017

      zie ook Appel

      David Pugliese – Canada whitewashing the SS: the attempt to re-write the history of Hitler’s collaborators
      Internationalist 360ş 3 november 2022

      E. Puryear – Should we really blame NATO for the Ukraine war?
      Liberation 5 juli 2022

      Cpl. Shaylin Quard – Ukraine, U.S. Forces train for urban operations
      US Army october 1 2020 /

      Mohammed Rafik Mhawesh – What the war in Ukraine taught us, Palestinians
      Al Jazeera 6 maart 2022

      Russia has killed civilians in Ukraine. Kyiv’s defense tactics add to the danger.
      Sudarsan Raghavan | The Washington Post 28 march 2022

      Rand Corporation – Extending Russia, Competing from advantageous ground

      Rand Corporation – Overextending and unbalancing Russia

      Wyat Reed – Deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland stands with the nazi Ukrainian Insurgent Army
      Internationalist 360ş 28 februari 2022

      Evan Reif –
      – How pre-WW II Ukrainian fascists pioneered brutal terror techniques; later improved by CIA, now ironically taught to descendants
      Covert Action Magazine 9 juni 2022

      – How monsters who beat jews to death in 1944 became America’s favorite “Freedom Fighters” in 1945—with a little help from their friends at CIA
      Covert Action Magazine 10 juni 2022

      – What the U.S. government and The New York Times have quietly agreed not to tell you about Ukraine
      Covert Action Magazine 29 juli 2022

      Azov fighter video overshadows Zelenskiy's address to Greek lawmakers
      R. Maltezou, K. Tagaris, S. Maler | Reuters 7 april 2022

      Nicolas Riedl – The tolerated nazi cult
      The Postil Magazine 1 september 2022

      Scott Ritter – Merkel reveals West’s duplicity
      Consortium News 5 december 2022

      Moss Robeson – The Canadian Bandera network
      Internationalist 360ş 9 juli 2020

      R. Romaniuk – Possibility of talks between Zelenskyy and Putin came to a halt after Johnson’s visit - UP sources
      Ukrainska Pravda 5 mei 2022

      Paul H. Rosenberg, Foreign Policy In Focus – Seven decades of Nazi collaboration: America’s dirty little Ukraine secret, An interview with Russ Bellant
      The Nation 28 maart 2014

      zie ook Bellant

      Per A. Rudling – The OUN, the UPA and the holocaust: A study in the manufacturing of historical myths
      The Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies nr 2107, november 2021

      Per Rudling, Jared McBride, Tarik Amar – Ukraine’s struggle with the past is ours too
      Open Democracy 15 juni 2016

      Rusland, Ministerie van Defensie – originele documenten planned offensive operation against Donbass in March of this year

      ook op The Saker 9 maart 2022

      Jeffrey Sachs – America vs. Everyone
      New Economic Thinking 7 juli 2021

      Jeffrey Sachs – Ukraine is the latest neocon disaster
      (Other News 27 juni 2022)

      in het nederlands vertaalt als Oekraďne is de nieuwste conservatieve ramp

      Jeffrey Sachs – The West’s false narrative about Russia and China
      Ohter News 22 augustus 2022

      Jeffrey Sachs – The West's dangerously simple-minded narrative about Russia and China
      Common Dreams 23 augustus 2022

      Jeffrey Sachs – U.S. Policy & "West's False Narrative" Stoking Tensions with Russia, China
      Democracy Now! 30 augustus 2022

      Richard Sakwa, Aaron Maté (interview) – US weapons, European supplicants block peace in Ukraine
      The Grayzone 25 april 2022

      Halifa Sallah – Africans do not want to be part of your foreign policy
      ACP en EU vergadering Straatsburg 1-3 april 2022 / Make Africa Great 16 april 2022

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      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politician’s propaganda

      Faina Savenkova – Truth is the way out of chaos
      Donbass Insider 21 juni 2022, open brief aan Tucker Carlson

      Faina Savenkova – War can only be stopped by telling the truth about it
      Donbass Insider 19 oktober 2022

      Owen Schalk – Why isn’t Canadian media condemning nazi collaborator Roman Shukhevych?
      Internationalist 360ş 4 november 2022

      Tim Shorrock – US media ignored major anti-US military protest in South Korea
      Responsible Statecraft | 23 augustus 2022

      Gregory Shupack – Media support ‘self-determination’ for US allies, not enemies
      Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) 7 juli 2022

      Smart, Watt, Benedetti, Mitchell, Roughan – #IStandWithPutin versus #IstandWithUkraine: The interaction of bots and humans in discussion of the Russia/Ukraine war
      University of Adelaide 2022

      Slobodan Kolomoets – Exposed: The vast pro-Ukrainian ‘bot army’ designed to influence Western policy makers
      RT 10 september 2022 / NCW 12 september 2022

      Lindsey Snell, Cory Popp – Ukraine war veterans on how Kiev plundered US aid, wasted soldiers, endangered civilians, and lost the war
      The Grayzone 18 augustus 2022

      Ted Snider – Putin sets a new red line on NATO expansion
      Responsible Statescraft 4 dec. 2021

      Ted Snider – Partnering with neo-nazis in Ukraine: an inconvenient history 31 maart 2022

      Ted Snider – How the war is choreographing Russia’s new stance 6 september 2022

      Ted Snider – Why Russia went to war in 2022 10 january 2023

      A. Soldatov, I. Borogan – Vicious blame game erupts among Putin’s security forces
      The Moscow Times 27 april 2022

      J. Solis-Mullen – Facing unpleasant facts: What you aren’t supposed to say about the war in Ukraine
      Mises Institute 18 maart 2022

      Son of the New American Revolution

      Christian Sorensen – Understanding the War Industry
      Clarity Press january 2020

      see also Kuzmarov 2020

      Soufan Centre – The transnational network that nobody is talking about
      22 maart 2019

      South Front Analysis & Intelligence

      Sovjet Unie – Bijeenkomst van het Presidium van de Opperste Sovjet van de USSR
      19 februari 1954
      Istoricheskii arkhiv, issue 1, vol. 1 (1992)
      Wilson Centre digital archive, vertaling Gary Goldberg

      The Special Operations Center of Excellence – Russian Engagement in the Gray Zone
      symposium 19-20 okt. 2016, Executive Summary

      D. C. Speedie – Book Review: ‘How the West brought war to Ukraine’
      ACURA Viewpoint | 1 september 2022

      Estimated number of refugees from Ukraine recorded in Europe and Asia since February 2022 as of January 17, 2023, by selected country
      Statista 17 jan. 2023

      Jonathan Steele – Understanding Putin’s narrative about Ukraine is the master key to this crisis
      The Guardian 23 feb. 2022

      David Stockman – Washington’s pointless war on behalf of a fake nation 28 september 2022

      David Stockman – Ukraine was not built to last 5 januari 2023

      John Stockwell – America’s third world war, How 6 million people were killed in CIA secret wars against third world countries

      Oliver Stone, Vanessa Dean, Igor Lopatonok – Ukraine on fire

      – Revealing Ukraine

      Wolfgang Streeck, Rania Khalek (interview) – Ukraine war: Europe shackles itself to America's reckless foreign policy
      The AltWorld 27 april 2022

      en BreakThrough News 28 april 2022

      Wolfgang Streeck – The EU after Ukraine
      American Affairs | Volume VI, Number 2 (Summer 2022): 107–24

      Lambert Strether – A marine’s assessment of Russia’s military “operation” in Ukraine (a “profound appreciation of all three realms in which wars are waged”)
      Naked Capitalism 14 aug. 2022

      Olga Sukharevskaya – Under the Wolfsangel: the truth about radical ideologies in Ukraine
      Internationalist 360ş 16 maart 2022

      Hundreds of Ukrainian nationalists march in honor of Nazi collaborator
      Times of Israel Agencies 1 januari 2022

      Ian Traynor – US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev
      The Guardian 26 nov. 2004

      Australië schrikt van Chinese opmars in de regio
      Gijs Moes, Trouw 30 maart 2022

      Jana Tsoneva / Volodymy Artiukh, interview – zie onder Artiukh

      Tufts University, Center for Strategic Studies – Military Intervention Project

      see also Congressional Research Service and Norton 13 sept 2022

      Tweede Kamer – Debat over de situatie in Oekraďne

      Ukrainian Committee for Human Rights

      – The pogrom of Korsun
      14 augustus 2014

      – Confidential document on Ukraine by the RAND Corporation leaked
      5 juli 2014

      United Nations – Resolution Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance (16 dec. 2020)

      UN Office on genocide prevention and the responsibility to protect
      – Responsibility to protect

      – Fifteen years of the responsibility to protect

      UNHR – Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine 1 feb - 31 july 2021
      23 september 2021

      UNHR – Conflict-related civilian casualties in Ukraine
      Office of the High Commissioner 27 jan 2022

      UNHCR – Ukraine refugee situation
      Operational data portal 13 september 2022

      UN Veiligheidsraad – Resolutie 2166 (2015) (eerste Minsk-akkoord)
      21 juli 2014

      UN Veiligheidsraad – Resolutie 2202 (2015) (tweede Minsk-akkoord)
      17 feb 2015

      UN | Group of friends in defense of the Charter of the United Nations
      UN Web TV, meetings and events, virtual launch 6 februari 2021

      Permanente Missie Russische Federatie bij de VN Veiligheidsraad –
      Выступление и ответное слово Постоянного представителя В.А.Небензи на заседании СБ ООН по диверсиям в отношении газопровода «Северный поток»
      30 september 2022

      engelse vertaling op Internationalist 360ş

      UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights –
      Arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment in the context of armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine

      United States Mission to the United Nations –
      Remarks at a UN Security Council meeting on leaks in the NordStream pipeline
      30 september 2022

      U.S. Representative to the UN L. Thomas-Greenfield – Remarks at a press conference announcing $20 million in development assistance in Uganda amid a global food crisis
      Kampala, Uganda 4 augustus 2022

      US House of Representatives – Resolution 1035 against Nord Stream 2

      US Senate – Countering Malign Russian Activities in Africa Act H. R. 7311
      28 april 2022

      United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – Museum expresses deep concern about anti-Romani violence and antisemitism in Ukraine
      Press Release 14 mei 2018
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      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politicians' propaganda

      Marc Vandepitte – Strategische denkers die waarschuwden voor uitbreiding van de NAVO
      De Wereld Morgen 10 maart 2022

      Lode Vanoost – Extreem-rechts leider wordt militair adviseur regering Oekraďne
      De Wereld Morgen 8 april 2015

      Lode Vanoost / Anne Morelli (interview) – zie onder Morelli

      From peacemaker to warmonger: Tragic downfall of Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky
      Vision Newspapers Online 25 januari 2022

      Nury Vittachi – Massive secret network revealed to be pushing western narrative
      Friday Everyday 27 augustus 2022

      zie ook Anzalone en Graphika

      Kelley Beaucar Vlahos – Creating a Russian bogeyman
      The American Conservative 23 januari 2023

      John V. Walsh – An antidote to the ‘split’ in the US Peace Movement: Anti-Interventionism 7 april 2022

      John V. Walsh – On Ukraine, the World Majority sides with Russia over US 28 april 2022

      John V. Walsh – NY Times shifts pro-war narrative, documents failure of US in Ukraine 13 mei 2022

      Wang Yi – Full video: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets the press
      Full video: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets the press-

      Nadine White – UN admits refugees have faced racism at Ukraine borders
      Independent 1 maart 2022

      Clara Weiss – Amnesty International report exposes Ukraine’s violations of international law, deliberate use of civilians as human shields
      World Socialist Web Site 5 august 2022

      Clara Weiss – Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands: Right-wing propaganda disguised as historical scholarship

      part 1 – The false presentation of the Soviet famine as a “deliberate” policy of mass murder
      World Socialist Web Site 1 december 2022

      part 2 – Snyder’s falsification of the Great Terror
      World Socialist Web Site 2 december 2022

      part 3 – Snyder’s minimization of the crimes of Hitler’s Wehrmacht
      World Socialist Web Site 4 december 2022

      part 4 – Snyder’s minimization of the role of Eastern European fascists in the Holocaust
      World Socialist Web Site 6 december 2022

      Brett Wilkins – Peace groups decry billions more in US military aid as Blinken visits Ukraine
      Common Dreams 8 september 2022

      Edward Wong – U.S. fights bioweapons disinformation pushed by Russia and China
      New York Times 10 maart 2022

      World Beyond War – No Bases Campaign

      D. A. Yarosh – “If Zelensky betrays Ukraine, he will lose not his position, but his life”
      Obozrevatel 27 mei 2019

      Alfred de Zayas, Max Blumenthal (interview) – Washingtons ‘rule based’ disorder
      The Grayzone 28 feb 2022

      José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, Lois Perez Leira – Les ONG et le nouveau plan Condor pour l’Amérique latine
      Mémoire des luttes 19 juli 2021

      vertaald op De Wereld Morgen als
      – Meerdere ngo’s onderdeel VS-pogingen tot regime change in Latijns-Amerika

      V. Zelensky – Toespraak op Veiligheidsconferentie München
      19 februari 2022 | transcriptie: Kiev Independent

      Eric Zuesse – How America double-crossed Russia and shamed the West
      Strategic Culture Foundation 10 september 2015

      ook op Washington’s Blog 9 september 2015

      Eric Zuesse – Polls: US is ‘the greatest threat to peace in the world today’
      Strategic Culture | 7 augustus 2017

      Eric Zuesse – How the war in Ukraine started
      Europe Reloaded 4 november 2019

      Eric Zuesse – How the U.S. Government is controlled by its armaments firms
      Countercurrents 8 juni 2022

      Zuid-Afrika, Department of International Relations and Cooperation – Ministe Naledi Pandor: Symposium on the framework document on South Africa’s national interest
      1 augustus 2022
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      Lightbulb The Ukraine reader – destroying Western politicians' propaganda


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